Message from the Chairman

Word of the Chairman of the board
BIN AWADH ALNAQEEB FOR INDUSTRY AND TRADING COMPANIES GROUP believe that the styles of work have changed in comparison to the past ages and the customers satisfaction has become the focal point of industrial, trading and service companies locally and internationally as well. As there are studies and programs arranged for achieving this issue while competition now has become more sharp than before. So in view of this, and since the establishment of our GROUP which developed from small company into famous group in The Republic Of Yemen. This change/ shift achieved in results of the continuous effective process of the staff and the group sons who stood firmly at the tough times with accurate efforts which then developed into different activities.

So ,at present time, our operations of filling and packing cover marketing and trading, in addition to another investments in The Republic Of Yemen and Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. We will not stand silently watching to the world without doing anything. We have to take action; planning accurately and perform properly that will keep us continuing to reach the top which will make us pay attention to the employees upon whom the success and development stand. This make us confirm continuing the policy of enhancing and training of our employees and the necessity of entering into new projects and developing the ongoing industrial, trading and service order to maintain the continuous development of our projects.
I hereby, take this opportunity to stress on the importance of culture and science that should be taken in mind by all. As there is no place at this age for the uneducated persons. The strength now is the culture and work you get, because they are the only way that can deal with changes of the world. Culture and science are very important requirements that we all should take care of.

Abdullah Awadh Alnaqeeb,
Chairman of the board.