About Group

The collection bin Awad companies Captain of Commerce and Industry, one of the leading Companies, which has been associated with the name of Sheikh Awad Bin Abed Rabbo Capt God's mercy, which was founded in 1941 and which were able and grace of God Almighty and the efforts of her children in the creation of a privileged strategic location in the minds of clients success the continuing growth and good reputation, and differentiate their products to quality and efficient service since its inception, and its business is concentrated locally, and at the regional level as well as the Group has been able to recently expand its business to the industrial area in Saudi Arabia.

The group believes bin Awad al-Naqib companies for trade and industry, development and access to an active role characterizes and maintain continuity in order to prepare and to create a climate in which to work to meet the rapid changes taking place in the first decade of this century.

It has become important to revisit the ways and methods of work and the usual belief in the importance of change and the need for development and modernization and continuous learning, which has become urgent and necessary to cope with the winds of rapid change in the path of the international economy, and this of course will come only by working on the development of creativity in the group as Creativity a continuous process and is necessary and indispensable to the organization, and what pursued by the Group to maintain the advantageous position achieved by seeking to expand its activities and investments and increase the competitiveness of human, material and its potential to become a Activity broader, multinational global group.